Manufacturers of Single Sided Printed Circuit Boards

ISO 9001-2015 & ISO 14001-2015 company

PCB Tool Development
We are developing PCB tools at specialized PCB toolmakers both
indigenously as well as from overseas in Thailand & China.
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The Bridge Between Two Worlds
At Multiline, we follow an uncompromised commitment to customer service,
which forms a cornerstone policy for our entire workforce.
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Integrated Support system
We also offer integrated support to our customers through our CAD/CAM
facilities from Digital Data -> Proto-Types -> Pre-Production -> Mass Supply
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About Us


Multiline Electronics Pvt. Ltd. has been a manufacturer of Single Sided Printed Circuit Boards since 1991.

The processing facilities and capabilities are well equipped to handle customer specific requirements and quality standards of large OEM customers.

With over 3 decades of experience and highly skilled and dedicated team, the company has established its position as one of the leading PCB manufacturers in the country.

Having deployed automated process lines and using a high degree of automation, we are able to cater to mass volume manufacturing of a wide variety of products ranging from FR1 / CEM1 / CEM3 / FR4 and ALCCL grades.

We have in-house facilities for Design & Development and can support our valued customers with integrated services from proto-type to mass scale production within shortened lead times.

Today we have a widespread market coverage with a large customer base ranging from LED & Lighting Electronics, Consumer Electronics and Automotive applications.

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Let's work together to create sustainable and innovative solutions

We at Multiline Electronics Pvt. Ltd. take Quality very solemnly. We rigorously follow quality guidelines and systems in all our processes. With state-of-the-art equipments, in-process Statistical Process Controls [SPC] and process documentation, we guarantee Printed Circuit Boards that are First Time Right – Always

Pioneers in manufacturing Single Sided PCBs

With over 3 decades of experience – Enjoying 100% customer retention & loyalty


  • Pioneers in Single Sided PCB Technology with over 40 years experience.
  • Employment of High End Technology thru CCD Screen Printing Machines.
  • Continuous R&D thru process innovation towards improving quality.
  • In-depth knowledge of Printed Wiring Boards.

New Product Development

  • Early interaction with customer’s R&D on design aspects.
  • CNC support for sampling/proto-types & pre-production runs.
  • Shortened lead-time for tool development.
  • First Time Right for New Product Development.
  • CAD/CAM facilities.


  • Cheaper Process - Punched PWBs not CNC Drilled & Routed.
  • Commitment to Price Reduction.
  • Reduction in Waste.
  • Better Buying.


  • Target is Zero Defect Quality.
  • Direct On Line status achieved with several customers.
  • Perform 100% Electrical Test and Visual Inspection.
  • Implementation of In-Process Control Systems & Documentation.
  • Approved by Component Approval Center – Telecom (CACT).

Leadtime /

  • Continuous improvements to shorten lead-time.
  • Flexibility in lead-times and Speed.
  • 100% guarantee for On Time and Consistent Deliveries.
  • Enhancement of manufacturing capacity up to 3,60,000 sq.mtrs./annum.


  • Provide technical support as and when required.
  • Value analysis for better cost effectiveness.
  • Fault traceability & corrective measures.
  • Response Time minimized.
  • Prevention of Faults Not Detection.

Our Latest Products

Variety of products

THE BRIDGE BETWEEN TWO WORLDS. At Multiline Electronics Pvt. Ltd., we follow an uncompromised commitment to customer service, which forms a cornerstone policy for our entire workforce. In today’s changing global business scenario-providing customers with highest quality is not enough. Without service the equation remains incomplete. Our People now recognize that our growth as an organization depends entirely on the successful implementation of our commitments to our valuable customers’.

We would love to hear from you.

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